December 15, 2017

How to Use RJS Windows Online

This is short guide to how you use RJS Windows On-Line to price your homes window cleaning cost and book online.

Pricing your window cleaning using The RJS On-Line Price Calculator

  1. Count how many windows your home has and the type of windows you have (for types see house windows types guide)
  2. Go to the Price Calculator on the home page and enter the number of Dormer Windows, Standard Windows, Bay Windows, and Doors /Patio doors that you would like cleaned.
  3. You can also enter a standard conservatory and the a conservatory roof if you would like that cleaned as well.
  4. You then click Total and your window cleaning price will be in the box (the price is for external window cleaning only and includes vat @ 20%)
  5. The price calculator is to calculate the average cost of your window cleaning so windows may vary in size.
  6. Click the Book Online Now and fill in the form to book your cleaning on the next available day in your area.

Guide Price for the average house using the price calculator correctly,

  • One Bedroom House £10.00/£14.00
  • Two Bedroom House £12.00/£16.00
  • Three Bedroom House £12.00/£18.00
  • Four Bedroom house £15.00/£25.00

Book your window cleaning now

Please Note.
RJS On-Line reserve the right to re -calculate the window cleaning costs after the first clean as the price calculator is a guide line to make pricing your home window cleaning easy. The price calculator is for the average house but on the odd occasion we may have to re-calculate which could be to make the price higher or lower than the price given.